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Amazing Pancake Syrup


Case of 12 ea. (750 ml per bottle) 

This AMAZING DIET pancake syrup provides you and your family with a healthy sugar-free or no sugar added topping alternative for your delicious pancakes every morning.  Kick the sugar from your family’s diet.  Use this “Healthy” great-tasting pancake syrup, as a topping on other desserts and breakfast offerings such as porridge and other cereals.  The prebiotic function promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive system and the colon.  Which in turn assists in developing a “Healthy ” immune system.  Every family should have this great product in their pantry.

The AMAZING DIET is pleased to present this remarkable patented FDA, Canada Health, and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), all-natural, high fiber, low-calorie, KETO friendly, sugar replacement product. Arguably the best-tasting sugar replacement product in the world.  Use it for your pancakes or other breakfast cereals.  Supercharge your KETO diet and weight loss with this AMAZING DIET powder.